The Masterpost is up to date again! We’ve gotten almost everyone’s work in!

There are a few people who requested extensions that I’m waiting to hear from either tonight or tomorrow. And there are still two people I haven’t heard from at all. For those of you still waiting for word on what’s going on, I sincerely apologize. I’ve contacted your partners directly and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully I will know something soon.


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The Masterpost is currently up to date! If you’ve turned in your work and you don’t see a link on your partner’s username, then your post didn’t show up in the tags and you need to submit a link so I can find it and add it to the queue. 

Amazing turnout so far, you guys! Keep ‘em coming and remember, if you need a couple days extension, all you need to do is let me know!


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Since Nicole is out of the country for the next couple weeks, she asked me to post her Exchange works for her!

Here are my graphics pieces for the Sassy Exchange! I got allypopx’s prompts.

All three of your prompts were great, and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do most, so in the end I just made something for all of them. I tried to do them as much justice as I could. :’) 

1. A piece inspired by Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it Out” - Focus on the line “And I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart”

2. Sastiel blood kink
(I incorporated lyrics from “You are the Blood” by Sufjan Stevens)

3. “Now I’m looking in the bible trying to find a loophole / yeah, I’m looking for revival, dying for a new soul.” - Rusty Halo, The Script
(a loose interpretation)

I hope you enjoy! 

The Great Blind Sassy Exchange pt.II: Masterpost

It’s finally midnight on the West Coast, so Exchange day has officially arrived!

Beneath the cut you’ll find a list of all the Exchange participants. As work is posted over the next couple days, I’ll be updating this list so you can quickly and easily see when your Exchange piece has gone up. Just skim the list for your username, and if you see a link there, you can click through to check out what your partner has done with your prompts!

I’ll be queueing Exchange work as it comes in so it won’t overwhelm your dashes, but the Masterpost will be updated as the tag updates. Links may appear here hours before the post is reblogged, so be sure to check here first!

If your URL is marked with an asterisk (*), that means your partner has contacted me and asked for an extension, so you can expect to see your work on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here at Sassy Week, or through my personal blog!

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Reminder! The Great Blind Sassy Exchange ends TOMORROW!

We’re officially getting down to the wire, everyone! Hopefully you’re finished by now or working diligently (read: frantically) to finish by tomorrow night!

I expect there will be a few early-birds who want to post just after midnight tonight, and that is completely okay. Just remember to tag your post sassyexchange2012 and with your partner’s username. Also, tumblr gets picky about long strings of tags, so please try to make those the first two tags so your work definitely shows up where it should. 

I’ll start reblogging posts tomorrow afternoon. Since we have such a large number of participants this time, I may stretch reblogging out into Monday or perhaps even Tuesday. However, the Masterpost (which will go up tonight at midnight PST) will be updated with new links as the work shows up in the tags. Be sure to check there first if you come looking for your fills!

Since I know shit happens and you may, for whatever reason, not finish by tomorrow, I can grant a couple days extension. But it will only be a couple of days. Last Exchange got dragged out longer than a week after the deadline. This Exchange will be finished by Tuesday night, period. If you need an extension—and only if you really, desperately need it—let me know.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, be sure to let me know either here or at my personal blog

Good luck!


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A quick reminder!

If you need to drop out of the Sassy Exchange, I need to know no later than tomorrow night. That’s about thirty-six hours from now. 

Of course, it’s possible things may come up after that, and if so, I will do the best I can to work with you. But if you know you won’t be done by Sunday, you need to let me know tomorrow, not Saturday night. That way, I have time to find a pinch-hitter and hopefully not have to extend the deadline for them any further than two or three days. 

Thanks, guys. And good luck! We’re getting into the homestretch!


ONE WEEK left until the end of the Blind Exchange!

Remember, you’ve got until Sunday, July 29th—that’s one week from today—to finish your work for the Great Blind Sassy Exchange. So if you haven’t started yet, now would be the time!

If you have to drop out, I understand, but you need to let me know by Wednesday night so I can get your prompts to someone else before the deadline. Last Exchange I had five or more people drop out the night before the deadline, and I am NOT doing that again. Drop-outs after Wednesday will only be okay if it’s an emergency. 

Also, if you’ve changed your URL since you signed up, you need to let me know so I can let your partner know. We’ve already had some confusion because of changed URLs!

Good luck, everyone!

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Two weeks until the end of the Blind Exchange!

Just a friendly reminder that you’ve got until Sunday, July 29th to finish your work for the Great Blind Sassy Exchange; that’s two weeks from today!

How’s everyone doing? Who’s finished already? Who hasn’t started yet?

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All prompts have gone out!

If you haven’t received your prompts, then you probably received a message from me asking you to turn on submissions. If you didn’t get your prompts, or a message, then I either couldn’t find your blog or there was an error with tumblr. 

You need to let me know ASAP if you didn’t receive your prompts. You have until Wednesday to get in touch with me. After that, I’ll offer your prompts up to the pinch-hitters. 

Good luck, everyone!


The Great Blind Sassy Exchange pt.II: Masterpost

We have had an incredible turnout for this exchange! Over fifty participants, not even including the mods. 

Take a look and make sure you see your name here. If your name is on this list, then we have your survey and you will be receiving prompts on Monday. If you signed up, and your name is not on this list, you need to let us know ASAP so we can turn the form back on for you. Today is your last chance; we’ll be pairing people up tomorrow!

Your URLs are listed in the order we received your surveys, so people who signed up early will be at the top of the list, and those who signed up last night will be at the bottom. Also, please take a moment to make sure that submissions are enabled on your blog. We won’t be able to send you your prompts if they aren’t!

Prompts go out Monday afternoon!

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