For Brieanna - Sassy Secret Santa 2013

Castiel finds a runt of a litter alone by the side of the road, and decides to bring her home to Sam. Together, they raise her as if she was their child, and they make their own sort of strange family.

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For ironandsonic. I’m so sorry that I’m literally posting this at the last minute!

Prompt 1: Fiery.

Prompt 2: Sam knows what it’s like to feel like a god. And “chained to a comet” doesn’t even come close. (parallels between Sam and Castiel’s experiences as Lucifer!Sam and God!stiel)

AU, sort of. Runs parallel to a bit of 5x22, “Swan Song” and 7x01, “Meet the New Boss.” Completely un-beta’d, for which I am deeply sorry. I decided to combine the two prompts, and then I ended up going a bit off-prompt anyway. I feel like I haven’t quite explored this idea thoroughly enough. I would love to go back and re-work and edit and re-edit this, and I might someday. I hope you’ll still like it, though!

Being Lucifer’s vessel had been indescribably cold.

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Sassy Santa exchange for Patty: insanelittleprincess
(Sam + Cas + Library) 

…..”I love libraries, when I was younger it was one of the few things I liked about working a case, I use to spend hours by myself looking through dozens of books, I sometimes sneaked a novel into my pile and read a chapter in between research, it was one of the few times I could enjoy something normal”. - “Would you mind showing me one of the books you read? Cas asked,” - “uh ok, sure. Sam got up and went a few aisles over and brought back a book. “This was one of my all time favourites. Just don’t tell Dean I would never hear the end of it”. Cas looked up from the book, Sam was smiling at him, it made Cas warm, and unusually nervous, Cas looked at the book again -“Um I would very much like to read thishe went to grab the book from Sam but caught Sam’s arm instead. Cas drew his brows together, -“a library?…. I believe I need documentation to read this.Sam laughed, “I’ll get you a library card, or maybe I’ll just buy you a copy of the book, then you wouldn’t have to worry about late fees.” Cas was still holding on to Sam’s arm and said -“I like this, Sam” -“What, my arm?” -“No. Yes. I, I mean uh spending time here, with you…..was that - Cas raised his hands to show quotation marks: - not socially appropriate” -“Maybe, Sam replied, but not with me, I find it sweet“……….

this is a drabble for the fanfic I’m writing, I wanted to make something extra just in case it’s not finished by the deadline.

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Here are my graphics pieces for the Sassy Week Secret Santa exchange! 

My recipient is rithe! Happy holidays! ❤ I really enjoyed working on these; I hope you like them! (I always love your graphics, so I have to say it was kind of exciting to have you as my partner and get the chance to make something for you!)


Of the three prompts, I picked #1, flowers. Since I had just the one word to draw inspiration from, I took a little bit of creative license, which I hope is alright! I used a song and a poem which both have to do with flowers.

1. Regina Spektor ✥ The Flowers
I was going for a ‘Sam missing Cas while Castiel is trapped in Purgatory’ kind of thing with this one.
      the flowers you gave me are rotting and still i refuse to throw them away
      […] things i have loved i’m allowed to keep   

2. an excerpt from the poem Eden Incunabulum by Brian Teare, which made me think Endverse: 

                                  “As his unlikeness fitted mine”—

so his luciferous kiss, ecliptic : me
          pinned beneath
                   lips bitten as under weight of prayer, Ave—but
                                                         no common vocative, no

paradise above, and we not beholden
       to a name, not
               to a local god banking fever blaze his seasonal malady
                                                           of flowers—

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But I do know that I could still fall in love
with the swish of light that comes barreling
and cascading towards me
It will resemble your sweet definite hands
The universe will bend
The planets will bow
And I will say “Oh, there you are. I been waiting for you. Now we can go.”

And the two pilot lights go zoooooooom
into the black construction paper night

As somewhere else
two other lovers lie down on their backs and say -
“What the hell was that?”

- Derrick Brown, A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me [x]

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don’t be scared to speak, don’t speak with someone’s tooth
don’t bargain when you’re weak, don’t take that sharp abuse
some patients can’t be saved
but that burden’s not on you

don’t ever let anyone tell you you deserve that

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darling, all of these awkward jump-start-stalling conversations
mean much more to me than anything {x

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“I’m here to make it right.”

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