The Great Blind Sassy Exchange pt.II: Masterpost

It’s finally midnight on the West Coast, so Exchange day has officially arrived!

Beneath the cut you’ll find a list of all the Exchange participants. As work is posted over the next couple days, I’ll be updating this list so you can quickly and easily see when your Exchange piece has gone up. Just skim the list for your username, and if you see a link there, you can click through to check out what your partner has done with your prompts!

I’ll be queueing Exchange work as it comes in so it won’t overwhelm your dashes, but the Masterpost will be updated as the tag updates. Links may appear here hours before the post is reblogged, so be sure to check here first!

If your URL is marked with an asterisk (*), that means your partner has contacted me and asked for an extension, so you can expect to see your work on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here at Sassy Week, or through my personal blog!

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The Great Blind Sassy Exchange: Masterpost

Even though the day has just begun for this half of the world, we’ve already had an awesome turnout. To help keep things organized and make sure everyone sees their half of the Exchange, I’ve put together a master list of everyone who is participating. You can check back here at any time to see your status! 

If your username is a link, then that means your prompt has been filled, and you can click through to see it. An asterisk (*) means that your partner has contacted me to let me know that they will be late turning in your piece. 

(Also, to avoid flooding your dashes, all submissions are being queued. So a link may show up here before the piece is reblogged!)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message, or contact Jack (me) or Zee at our personal accounts. 

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