I was wondering what the minimum word count is for the exchange?

We don’t have an exact minimum for the Exchange. I believe last time around we told everyone to shoot for at least 1k, but we won’t be strict about it. It’s more of an honor thing; there will without a doubt be people who go above and beyond and churn out five- to ten- thousand word pieces, so just bear that in mind while you’re working. A tiny little drabble stacked against that wouldn’t exactly be a fair exchange. 

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two things weren't really clear to me in the project post - 1. does the length of the fanfic matter? is there a limit? 2. do I write something for a fanart AND also bring something I've already written and another artist will draw for it? thanks in advance, I like the idea of the whole thing! :D

I mentioned this briefly in another of the answers I queued up to post today, but I’ll reiterate it here: there is no limit for fic. You’re free to write as much as you’d like, though you should do your best to get as close to 1,000 words at the least

As for the second part of your question, I’m not quite certain I’m understanding, but I’ll do my best. Each person participating turns in a survey with three prompts, and on April 1st, you’ll be sent a message with someone else’s prompts. It’s then your job to take one of those prompts (though mixing of prompts is allowed) and either write fic for it, or draw/create something for it. Each person is only responsible for one thing. But since each person will be writing/creating for someone else, everyone who gives something will also get something.

What you give depends on what you sign up for. If you sign up as a writer AND an artist, then it all depends on what your partner requests what you do. If they want fic, then you write. If they want art, then you draw/create something. If they don’t care, then it’s entirely up to you to pick which you’d rather do. You don’t do both

I hope that answers your question! If not, feel free to send another message and we’ll talk it out in private.


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Quick question: is there a word limit for the Sassy Exchange?

There is not! Feel free to write as much as you’d like. As for a word minimum, try to aim for at least 1k, but we’re not going to be too strict about it. Just remember that it’s possible there will be people writing 10k+ words, so a 300 word drabble would seem pretty unfair stacked against that.


Are there any limits for the ideas? And can I have the simplest example, so I can have an idea of what you mean? Sorry, just want to get it right:/

I answered this question somewhat in an earlier ask, but I will expand on it here. So far, there are no set limits to what can and cannot be prompted. This may change. If I start seeing a pattern of troublesome prompts, I will remove those prompts and put out a warning for anyone else who has yet to turn theirs in. 

But as it stands, feel free to prompt anything your little Sassy heart desires. All ratings, whether something complex and detailed or simple and straightforward. Anything from character studies to shameless, shameless smut. It’s up to you.

Also, the rules from February’s Sassy Week do not apply to the exchange. There are no limits to characters used. As long as the main paring in your prompt is Sam/Cas, feel free to go nuts.

If you need a more specific example, feel free to contact me again and I’ll send you a couple example prompts in a private message. 

Hope that helps!


I have a few questions: Are minors allowed to participate, are there any prompt topics you're not allowed to request, and do you have to be, for lack of a better word, talented to participate? I am a fairly amateur artist and writer, and I haven't had much experience at all in this fandom; is there a quality standard or something along those lines? Thank you in advance, and thank you for setting up this lovely event for my OTP.
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Yes, minors are allowed to participate. If you are concerned about this, you can let me know in your survey and I will let the person filling your prompts know (no need to provide your age—just that you are a minor).

As for prompts that aren’t allowed, it’s a bit difficult to set exact guidelines for this, but just know that I reserve the right to remove a prompt if it crosses a line I’m not comfortable with. I won’t take you out of the exchange, I’ll just delete the prompt and send the remaining two to your partner. I don’t think this is going to be an issue, but if I start seeing things that are troublesome, I’ll amend this statement to include more specific examples. 

This exchange is open to everyone of all levels of experience! Amateurs, professionals, drabblers and doodlers, people that have been involved in fandom for years, or just a couple months. Of course you want to give your partner your best work possible, because someone will be doing their best to get quality work to you. But don’t worry about your ability level. All are welcome.

And thank you for participating!