Posting period begins!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, SWSS-ers! The posting period has officially begun.

  • If you have already finished your prompt fills, you are allowed to post them now.
  • If you have not already finished your prompt fills, you have until January 7th, 2014 to finish and post them. That is just under two weeks from now! You can post them at any point in this timeframe.
  • Drop outs are no longer accepted, unless it is an emergency11th-hour drop outs are annoying and rude both to me but also to your partner.
  • When you post, remember to tag your partner’s url and #sassysanta2013 in the first five tags! This way I can find them more easily and reblog them here.

I am going on a brief three day trip, so I will be unavailable for questions until this weekend, sorry. I will see you all then! Have a fantastic holiday season.

- Alexandra

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It’s just under a week until Christmas!

Some last minute admin things and reminders. If you won’t be available during the posting period, please finish your prompt fill early and submit it to Sastielweek so we can post it for you. And I apologize for the lateness of this message - exams are brutal.

We’ve given you a two week posting period, so hopefully that is more than enough time, but if you know you won’t finish in time, please let me know no later than Wednesday, December 25th. Eleventh-hour drops will only be accepted if it’s an emergency. 

Thank you, and happy non-denominational holidays!

- Alexandra

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Hi guys! Hope you are all enjoying Monday night.

We are about halfway through assigning all the prompts for the exchange, so this is a reminder to please have your submit boxes open so I can send them to you! Check the settings of your blog (the gear icon at the top of the dashboard) to make sure your submit box is open.

All prompts will go out within the next 24 hours - if you haven’t received yours by tomorrow night, please let me know and I will resend them to you.

- Alexandra

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Sastiel Week Secret Santa!

Hey guys, sorry for being kind of MIA - school and stuff. Anyway! I am writing to inform you that sign ups are still ongoing, but I will be closing the form Today, Sat. December 7th, at 11:59 PM EST, so this is your last chance to sign up! The prompts are amazing so far, I want to do aaallll of them, ugh.


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Sastiel Week Secret Santa!

Hey guys! Turn out for SWSS has been friggin sweet so far, but this is just a reminder that sign ups are still open! Responses are kind of petering out, too, so, if sign ups completely stop by Wednesday, I will close sign ups on Friday. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Stupid question: how do we sign up as writers and/or artists? Or are we automatically put on the list by sending in prompts?
Anonymous ASKED

Haha, not stupid at all! You don’t have to sign up specifically as a writer or an artist, since participants can’t ask for their prompt to be filled in a specific medium. And yes, you are automatically put on the list by sending in prompts. Sorry for the late response!

Question! Does the Sassy Week Secret Santa Exchange extend to Mishalecki?
meinarch ASKED

Yes! If you want to provide a Mishalecki prompt, that is totally cool - but it is still up to your Secret Santa to decide if you want to fill it. (If you really want that Mishalecki prompt, you can stress that when you fill out the survey.)

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Hi guys! Christmas is a-coming, so it’s time for the second annual Sassy Week Secret Santa Exchange! This exchange works pretty much exactly like all the others; you give some prompts, we assign you a partner (a secret partner!) to fill them in whatever way they want, and then, for Christmas, we all post them and share in the joy!

Sign up at this link! Here is a list of important dates to remember:

  • The form will be accepting responses until Monday, December 9th.
  • Prompts will go out by the end of the day on Wednesday, December 11th. (Ideally - don’t get mad if I’m a teeny bit late!)
  • Posting will start on Christmas Day, December 25th, and run for two weeks, through January 7th. You can post your work at any point in that timeframe, but no earlier!

A quick rundown of rules, for reminders:

  • You cannot specify if you want art or fic in return. It will be at the discretion of whoever gets your prompts what they want to do.
  • There is no word count minimum, though please be aware that many people will go above and beyond, so you should do the best you can.
  • No non-con prompts
  • Make sure you tag your work with your partner’s username and sassysanta2013 within the first five tags.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let us know, or ask me directly at my personal blog.

Jack, the moderator, is unfortunately swamped with real life at the moment, and he has graciously asked me to run this year’s Secret Santa, which I am thrilled to do! I look forward to seeing all your survey responses and your finished products!

- Alexandra

Remember, guys! Sassy Week continues until this Thursday! It’s not too late to participate~

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Sassy Week 2013 starts today! Tag your work #sassyweek2013 or submit to us directly!

You can submit anything and everything:

  • Art
  • Fic
  • Podfic (make sure you have permission from the author!)
  • Gifs and graphics
  • Crafts
  • Cosplay
  • Meta
  • Ship manifestos
  • Etc~

I’ll do my best to reblog everything here over the course of the week. If you post something and it doesn’t show up in the tag, or it gets overlooked for whatever reason, feel free to send me some fanmail with a link, I’ll add it to the queue!

If you have any questions, I will be online daily, so you can send me a message right here, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. And as always, feel free to try me at my personal blog; you may get an answer faster.

Good luck, and happy creating!