My recipient doesn't even look like they ship Sassy
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I… don’t even know what to say to this. I can’t imagine someone would sign up that didn’t ship it, since this is clearly a pairing-specific blog and pairing-specific exchange. But since you’re anonymous, there isn’t much that I can do about it on my end. Perhaps contact your partner anonymously and ask them flat-out? If they say no, then please let me know ASAP because this is clearly going to be an issue otherwise.

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This is probably a stupid question but I'm kind of new to tumblr...when you say to make sure we can submit thing, that just means to have our ask box open right?
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There is actually an option completely separate from your ask box called “submissions.” Click on the settings button at the top of your dash (the little gear), then click on the blog you signed up with on the side of the screen. Scroll down until you see this:


Make sure the, “Let people submit posts” option is checked, and that at the very least, people are allowed to submit text posts. Submissions don’t have a character limit like asks do, so I’ll be able to send you your prompts all in one go rather than having to spread them out over several asks. c:

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Could we slip in other pairings into our fill (as long as the receiver is okay with it?) but the main one is sastiel.
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Yes, you’re allowed to, but I will warn you that there are some people who have specifically asked that this not happen.

However, even if your partner doesn’t say anything about other pairings, you’ll want to poke around their blog or send them an anonymous message about it, just to make sure they ship said pairing first. Please don’t assume!

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When will we be getting the prompts we need to fill and do we send them directly to the person or do we send them to you and you send them out???
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I’m working on pairing everyone up and sending the prompts out right now, so you can expect to get your prompts in the next several hours. You can either make sure that submissions are enabled on the blog you signed up with, or send me a message and I’ll reply to you privately.

Let me be clear, you only have to fill one of the three prompts you’re given (though combining prompts is allowed and if you want to do more than one, go right on ahead). 

When you’re finished with your work, you will post it to your own blog sometime between December 25th and January 1st. Make sure you tag the post with sassysanta2012 and your partner’s username (within the first five tags, as well, otherwise they won’t show up in the tracked tags). I’ll be tracking the sassysanta2012 tag, and when posts start going up, I will add them to Sastielweek’s queue.

All this information will be in the submission you receive or in the reply to your message, so you’ll have it on hand as reference. 

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Can you write an example of a prompt because I'm not really sure how to write one.
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A prompt can be anything from a single word to a basic outline for a story or description of an image. Anything you personally would like to see happen.

For instance, you could say, “Sam and Cas discuss a case,” or, “Cas is Sam’s guardian angel.” It doesn’t have to be anything super involved or detailed.

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What if we end up unable to finish our work for whatever reason?
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If you’re unable to finish, then you need to let me know ASAP so I can pass your prompts onto someone else.

We're supposed to write a single prompt or? Because we are prompting 3 prompts.
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You will only be expected to write or create one thing for your partner. We only ask for three prompts initially so whoever is given your prompts will have a variety to choose from, in case one or two of them doesn’t work out. They’re just back-ups. :)

Do the prompts have to christams/winter related?
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Not at all! You can prompt anything you like.

Also as a side note, if you’d rather not be given Christmas prompts, you can make a note when you fill out the form, and I’ll do my best to get you a set that are mostly non-holiday.

So are you assigned prompts or do people pick them when they go up?
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Prompts are assigned more or less at random, while taking into account what people don’t feel comfortable doing. You’ll be given prompts in private and asked to keep the prompts and who you have as a partner secret until you post your finished work after Christmas. I’m the only one who can see the prompts, and the only one who knows who is partnered with whom. 

I'm sorry there's so few entries for the contest. I'd write something, but I swear, everything I type turns to shit. With Sastiel being a smaller ship and there being so many talented people who write/draw it, I don't want to get someone's hopes up that something good's been posted only to have it be terrible. If there were such a thing as a Sastiel cheerleader, I'd do that.
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It’s alright, Anon. While I absolutely encourage everyone who is interested to participate, I don’t want to force anyone to do something they’re not comfortable with. I just don’t know what more I can do to keep people interested and involved.