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To everyone who hasn’t posted: you are late!! Please post your work as soon as possible, and contact me if there are any problems. To everyone else, I hope this has been a pleasant experience! Happy New Year to everyone, and may 2014 bring you much joy!

- Alexandra

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How will you know when the your secret santa posts your prompt?
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Tomorrow I will make a masterpost of everyone’s prompt fill.

Today is the last day, folks! I hope you’ve had fun, and I thank you for putting up with me as your replacement mod.

- Alexandra

Cas is a NOT afraid of the dark…. He’s just well informed.



Prompt: Cas is afraid of the dark

Rating: G

Cas hates sleep. Well, no, he doesn’t hate sleep, he hates the vulnerability that comes with both keeping his eyes closed, and being in a dark space. Dean told him, after he finished laughing, that it was normal for those who couldn’t… handle themselves easily. Cas nearly cried, it wasn’t /his/ fault he fell, and he was truly lost and frightened, and Dean, his friend, was taunting him for it. Cas stormed out that day, locking himself in the room the winchesters had kept for him until Sam knocked quietly. “Cas?” he called out gently “Could you open the door?”. The former angel paused before doing as the younger hunter asked “Yes Sam?” Castiel never got an answer, not a verbal one anyway, because once the words left his mouth he was swept into a fierce hug, squeezing the breath out of him. “Sam” the fallen angel gasped out “Please put me down”. “Oh! right! Sorry Cas” The hunter apologized with a slight blush after releasing the other, “Dean said that you were feeling a little… queasy. At night.” Castiel cocked his head, brow furrowed in confusion. “I don’t recall saying that” “Well, I mean not in so many words…” Sam stammered “Oh. You’re referring to the conversation about my uneasiness about the shadows because I know what lies within.” Cas answered, shoulders back in an attempt to maintain his pride “Yeah, that. I just wanted to tell you that’s normal and I could stay with you if you’d like… Keep watch over you?” The samsquatch murmured, blushing all the while “That would be… acceptable” The other man answered, both relieved for the offer and embarrassed for the need. Sam stepped forward and pressed a soft kiss to Cas’s forehead “I’m just glad I could help” he whispered, wrapping Cas in a loose hug “Glad I could help.” 

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Peculiar Things


Secret Santa Exchange for 17yrdean
Prompt: Hallucifer is back in Sam’s mind and Cas is trying to comfort Sam, and help him. Though, he’s no longer an angel and he can’t just fix it like he did before. 
Word Count: 3,870

[also readable on AO3]

I hope you had great holidays, and that your new year will be fantastic!

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Sassy Secret Santa


So sorry for taking so long, but here it is, i hope you will like it <3

For kiniyakkii

Prompt 2: Sam likes learning, and loves having conversations with people about anything and everything that he’s learned. He starts asking Cas questions whenever they have some down time. 

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For the Sassy Week Secret Santa exchange for johnwatsonmmd’s prompt: 

"Sam has always had a thing for the history teacher, Castiel Novak, and one day, he makes a move, ending in a sweet white picket fence life."

I had to downsize and crop the images to make them tumblr-friendly, but hopefully the effect is still good anyway. Merry late Christmas!

Done in approx. 12 hours with paint tool SAI

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A Conversation in Morals


This is my secret santa sassy exchange work for Matt!!

Prompt: Soulless!Sam and Castiel

Takes place somewhere in season six, right before Sam gets his soul back.

"You wanted to see me?"

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For Brieanna - Sassy Secret Santa 2013

Castiel finds a runt of a litter alone by the side of the road, and decides to bring her home to Sam. Together, they raise her as if she was their child, and they make their own sort of strange family.

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Sassy Secret Santa Exchange


title: Honeybee Biology

for: Zoe

prompt 1: honeybee

rated: pg (one kiss at the end)

words: 996

summary: Student!Cas needs to finish his biology essay on honeybees, to bad Sam seems dead set on ‘“helping” him.

That first part in italics is from Wikipedia. The rest is written by me. Also, sorry it’s so short. 

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for Charlie 

Prompt 1: Comforting.

Since it’s Dec 31st I thought that this would make a perfect New Years gift.  I hope you like it.  <3

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